Calvaria: Duels of Eternity

The P2E battle card game set beyond the veil of death. Duel, earn and upgrade your cards to become the ultimate force on the battlefield.

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Calvaria Universe

Arcilla Divina

Inside the black egg and deep below the eternal snow and the immutable obsidian trees, ben... Read more.

Arcilla Divina

Characters of Arcilla Divina

Santa Muerte
Santa Muerte

She is a deity, the more ambitious
 overseer of the afterlife.

El Maldito
El Maldito

Agile and unpredictable,
 it relishes in any destruction.

El Pesado
El Pesado

Once used as a scalpel in life,
 in death he’s a hammer.


At the heart of the domain, encircled by the Rings of Preservation and above the Twilight ... Read more.


Characters of Miaquilia


It's a deity, tasked with preserving
 the natural order.


Chimeric in nature, two spirits
 fight together in harmony.


A mythical creature and warrior
 priest, near unbreakable.

The Void

Within the near endless black expanse is a temple. A mishmash of materials stripped from t... Read more.

The Void

Characters of The Void

The Void
The Void

Roused to sentience, void itself
 seeks complete emptiness.

Crowing Dusk
Crowing Dusk

The eldest of the void touched,
 a faceless terror.

Eye Of Void
Eye Of Void

A sightless creature, knowing only
 to touch and feed.


The total maximum fixed supply of the game's token is 1,000,000,000 $RIA,
 which will be distributed between the following areas in the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity ecosystem:

  • Staking pool25%
  • Prize pool20%
  • Presale15%
  • Reserve and Burn15%
  • Operations8%
  • 6%INO
  • 5%Team
  • 4%Liquidity
  • 2%Advisors

See detailed info about tokenomics here.


Roadmap milestones and deadlines are subject to change. Read a detailed version in the White Paper.

Q3 2022

$RIA token contract. Full security audit. Presale launch of $RIA token.

Q4 2022

$RIA presale. Calvaria: DoE GDD and litepaper.

Q1 2023

INO on KuCoin, and Token launch and CEX listing. NFT drops.

Q2 2023

Calvaria: DoE alpha version.

Q3 2023

Partnerships with influencers / gamers / streamers for DoE tournaments. Official DoE launch.

Q4 2023

Games expansion. Creation of in-house eSports team. Participation in offline events.


  • Walt

    Business Development Manager

  • Maxwell

    Head of Marketing

  • Jeremy

    Creative Director

  • Paul

    Team Lead and Blockchain Developer

  • Justina

    Project Manager

  • Artemio

    Operations Manager

  • Tisie

    Financial Manager


  • Kenzo Ventures
  • Sky Meta Guild
  • Sparklab
  • Kapital DAO
  • BitKeep
  • Shadow Legacy Guild
  • Unity Capital
  • Hidden Gems Capital
  • Battle Arena

Additional Information

To learn more about our project check our White Paper and associated links.
 For queries and offers, please contact us via

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